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Brother Elsey

Bonded by the ties of blood and bone, Brother Elsey delivers the nuances of the human experience by way of alternative rock and Americana. This Michigan trio have built a loyal fan base by flawlessly combining captivating live performances, angelic harmonies and timeless songs. In 2018, they shared the stage with The Glorious Sons catching the eye of lead guitarist Jay Emmons and since have been on a collaborative musical journey. Brother Elsey have a way of encapsulating everyday moments within melodies like snapshots from an old polaroid and are ready to capture the hearts of the entire world.

Boston Levi

Born and raised in Perth, ON, Boston Levi – a stage name for former professional hockey player turned musician Mike McNamee – burst onto the Canadian music scene following his signing with 745 Music;  Levi first released ‘Feel It All’, holding nothing back in his quest to create compelling Americana/Rock music, and quickly followed with the acclaimed single ‘Run Baby Run’ and his most recent track ‘Thief’, all available on his 2021 debut EP Prophecies. Levi’s retirement from professional hockey, catalyzed by a year wrought with challenges stemming from the pandemic, allowed time for him to turn his sights to his burgeoning music career, adopting a rustic yet sophisticated sound and carving his own unique path as an artist.

Boston Levi Band

Feral Minks

Kitchener based rock band Feral Minks started out as a solo project during the height of the pandemic formed by lead singer and guitarist Kent Merriam. By early 2021 he had released his first EP “Loam” under the Feral Minks moniker which caught the attention of Jay Emmons of The Glorious Sons. Soon after they began work on Feral Minks second EP with Emmons and long time co-conspirator Steve Kirstein at the helm of production while the Minks rounded out their lineup with seasoned veterans of the Kitchener rock scene Algernon Friolet, Jay Hogle and Ryan Whitney.

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